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    I am a University Graduate with Political Science, Public Administration and History as majors, and English & Hindi as electives. I also underwent a 2-year degree course in M. A. English (Lit.) and sat for the exams, but the results were not very encouraging, in so far as, it left me wondering whether or not the mango tree or its nut came first. The same applies to my earlier venture on Journalism & Short-Story Writing, ICS, USA, for which I thought a higher study of English language in its entirety would be of some assistance. However, as I strive hard to excel in whatever I do, I went on to chew and digest the EXECUTIVE SKILLS PROGRAM of Alexander Hamilton Institute, USA. And it gave me a great appetite.

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Presently, I'm promoting the health, wealth, happiness, and the shopping pleasure of all people through So, all of you out there, enjoy every minute of your lives and God Bless.

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Talking about my family, I would say "we are doing just fine".


All my friends are great people, however, I am looking forward to the day of having joined the bandwagon of friends any one or more of the management experts I have quoted in this page.

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Reading is my passion, and I cultivated the habit of reading a newspaper daily since my 5th year in school. I thus encourage all boys and girls, and the grown-ups, to read, rather than watch TV, which would only make one a couch-potato. Take my case. Reading The Balanced Scorecard, or anything a Peter Drucker, Henry Mintzberg, Michael Porter, or Gary Hamel writes on management theory and practice fascinates me. I also enjoy reading Harvard Business Review (HBR), to which I subscribe since 1996. HBR enlightens me with the power of ideas at work, and also the latest on management thinking, which should equip me with a unique battery of effective skills to see the big picture right from the balcony. To be the democratically elected CEO of India or a multi-national company, no problems. Here I am, 8 years younger than Mr. Bill Clinton, to deliver goods to you, which you will relish to your heart's content. Vote for me today, thank you. PRATHAP



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