What is an online Secretary or Virtual Assistant?

With the advancement of technology and the ongoing growth of the communications industry, a whole new network of support services for business has evolved. One such service is that of the 'Virtual Assistant' or, as they are more traditionally known, on-line Secretarial and Administrative Assistants.

The Virtual Assistant is not an employee, and as such is not paid holiday pay or sick leave. There is no requirement that you pay superannuation or workers' compensation levy. You pay only for the time it takes your Virtual Assistant to complete the work, plus any expenses incurred. That may be once or twice per week or per month. It may be short but regular assignments such as a design, production and dissemination of a quarterly newsletter. There are also those times when you have a deadline to meet and there are not enough hands on deck!

When would I need a Virtual Assistant?

You are a businessman, lawyer, doctor, or a busy executive, and it's likely that you will recognise your business or professional life in one of the three scenarios below:

Scenario 1

Is your secretary about to lose her sanity? Could she use some assistance, perhaps a part time assistant? As your business grows, you are finding that your secretarial and clerical staff can't keep up with your new successes. Your secretary is stretched to the limit, but you 're not ready to employ another staff member. Not even on a part time basis. Besides, you don't have spare office space or a spare desk, not to mention that you'll probably need to purchase yet another computer! Many businesses, small and large, have the very real problem of not being able to continue to deliver their service or product whilst maintaining standards of quality, customer service and satisfaction, simply because they don't have adequate secretarial and administrative support. We may be your solution! All you need to do is make the call, tell us what needs to be done, and we'll see to it that your business continues to thrive without adding to your payroll, superannuation, workers compensation or holiday and sick leave, and, we'll do it at our office, virtually!

Scenario 2

You're so good at your job you've managed to maintain and even top the projected budget set for you. You've been provided with a car, a mobile phone and a laptop computer. Sounds perfect. What you're not so good at is filing that weekly or monthly report for the boss (you really don't type that well, and it takes you all weekend). Updating your database of clients and their needs means more time at the keyboard ... and who has time to send emails? Our solution to your situation is simple. Send us your dictated report by mail or fax. We'll type it up and email it back to you. Why not continue to do what you do best ... see your clients and close the deals. Let your Personal Virtual Assistant do what s/he does best. Now you have time to enjoy weekends with your family and friends.

Scenario 3

In the current economic climate you must work harder and longer to produce the results you were enjoying a year or two ago. Like many before you, you've been forced to downsize. Your careful evaluation of resources means that you've moved into smaller premises and had to let several of your staff members go. How can you maintain your standards and work harder and longer with less staff? You need more!! Where are you going to put them? How will you afford to pay them? Call your Personal Virtual Assistant. Let your PVA do the work in her/his office and pay her/him only for her /his time and expenses necessarily incurred. Your Personal Virtual Assistant has the experience, skills, abilities, and resources to do the job.

Do Virtual Assistants work only on line?

The Virtual Assistant is a professional whose main function is to provide a solution to your needs when you find yourself in a situation such as those described above.

Before we became Virtual Assistants, we worked for various businesses in the offices of those businesses. We have the skills, abilities and experience to work for you "On-Site" if you have the need. The reasons could be many: your front desk reception needs a physical presence, you have a large and busy switchboard or your Personal Secretary is unavailable or about to leave. When staff members are on annual or sick leave or you have lost a staff member, what do you do?

If you find yourself in one of these situations, in some cases a VA may agree to "fill in" at your business site whilst you are in the process of advertising, interviewing and choosing a suitable candidate for a newly created position or for a replacement of a staff member who is about to move on.

It's possible, that whilst you're in this process, you'll find that the job you're trying to fill is one that could easily be done.

Finally, if you are a businessman with lots of ideas but does not know how to compose a professional looking document or letter. Not to worry. Send us your scriblings/manuscrips by e-mail or fax, and we will put it together in a presentable manner, as you like it, and send it back to you by e-mail or fax. You can then print it on your letter-head or the desired stationery of your choice.

We will be delighted to offer you a special discount on our next assignment from yourselves.

Our services include but not limited to the following

Drafting Letters and Faxes to your specific requirements,
Daily Company Correspondence Letters,
Business Reports,
Minutes of Meetings,
Accounting Reports in Excel,
Copy typing,
Proof reading & editing.
Writing Applications,
Translating Malayalam in to English,
and many more.

Confidentiality Guaranteed!

We guarantee you absolute confidentiality of all the work done for you. Your private/commercial address or e-mail will not be divulged to any third-party under any circumstances. Similarly, we ask that you do not misuse our address or e-mail address, thank you!

Contact us today, and we will do the rest. In case, your requirement is not within our scope of work or ability, we will promptly let you know that too.

We are for charity, as well!

We would also assist, free of cost, those who seek our services but cannot afford to pay,
provided we are convinced that the case is genuine.

This is our way of being charitable to the needy!
So, do not shy away from contacting us.

A cost effective alternative to an actual office

Virtual Assistant / Secretary 24/7

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