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UNIVERSALONE - Virtual Assistant 24/7


Send us your job requirements by e-mail or fax, and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for the work.  When contacting us, we will need the following information from you:

* Details of the work.

* When you need the work to be ready (please allow 48 hours for us to attend to the job and deliver it to you).

* How would you prefer the work delivered to you (i.e. by fax or e-mail).

* What computer equipment you have and which software/versions you use.

We would then be able to provide you with a quote for the work and confirm the details and delivery.  We will ask you to sign the quotation to confirm your consent to proceed with the work.  The quotation will be sent to you either by e-mail or fax . 
In case of fax quotation, you confirm your acceptance by sending it back to us with your comments "O.K. please proceed".  As for e-mail quotation, please reply to us with your comments in the subject line "O.K. please proceed".


When the work is delivered, you make payment to us as follows:

Let's assume that you are a customer from United Arab Emirates (UAE). You can visit our bankers in the UAE and pay cash to our account using a pay-in slip. You can also send a cheque drawn in our favour. Payment instructions are as described on our bills to customers.

For customers from outside United Arab Emirates (except for India), send us a cheque, or transfer funds to us as per instructions on our bills to customers.


Our minimum charges are per hour or equivalent to the work done on an A4 size page (Font size: Ariel 10/12 with a margin of 1" on all sides), as shown below:

U.S. Dollars 20.00 (Overseas clients).
UAE Dhs.50.00 (special rate for clients from the UAE).
Indian Rs.500.00 (special rate for clients from India).

Please note that a higher charge may become necessary depending upon the complexity of work involved. We would also offer handsome discounts wherever possible, especially to those who are financially unsound.


Minimum amount for all payments via bank transfer should be either UAE Dirhams 100.00 or US$.100.00 for customers in UAE and outside UAE, respectively. Minimum amount for payment in India is Rs.1000.00, for corporate customers.

We keep sending you our bills for every transaction conducted. When the cumulative total of our bill reaches the minimum amount or more at any given time, we will send you our Statement of Account, with a request to pay. And you pay us accordingly, without us reminding you. We will acknowledge receipt of all funds received.

Any amount that falls below the minimum amount payable in your account with us will be carried forward in our accounting system, where we have your transaction details maintained.

Customers can also pay our bills to our PayPal account at any time using their credit card. In case, the customer does not have a PayPal account, please open one now: Click Here.


The postal address and banking details of the beneficiary to whom payments are to be made will be as indicated on our bills to customers.


With the advancement of technology and the ongoing growth of the communications industry, a whole new network of support services for business has evolved. One such service is that of the 'Virtual Assistant' or on-line Secretarial and Administrative Assistants. A cost effective alternative to an actual office.

Outsource all your secretarial work to


E-mail : librahitech@gmail.com
Fax Number : 009716 5550021


All the work is done with utmost professionalism and style; as we know the first impression is the best impression. A well presented document does make that impression! CONTACT US TODAY.
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